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1. Choose an industry (and clearly state which industry you

1. Choose an industry (and clearly state which industry you chose).  Identify the hot buttons. You believe exist for this industry (please choose at least 3 hot buttons).  Next, choose a brand that competes in the chosen industry.  Explain how that brand delivers on the hot buttons.  Develop one new idea for how the brand can improve on a specific hot button.  For example, perhaps I choose grocery stores.  I decide what the hot buttons are for that industry and list them.  Next, I determine how Publix serves those hot buttons (or doesn’t serve, as the case may be).  I then develop a new idea for how Publix could better address a particular hot button previously identified.  

2. Consider the local restaurants in Florence.  Name a specific local restaurant (example: Ricatoni’s).  Identify (and list) the competitors (direct and indirect) to your chosen restaurant and organize them in terms of their intensity of competition.  Most intense competitors would be listed first, following by the least intense competitors identified.  You must provide rationale for your ranking.  

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