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1: Personal Response: Please post a substantive comment, obs…

1: Personal Response: Please post a substantive comment, observation or question regarding Ed Roberts and the Independent Living Movement. This could be about the Zames reading, the podcast about Ed Roberts, the video lecture, or your observation on the role of PCAs as seen in the Sessions. Basically show me that you did the work and let me know your thoughts on the movement away from institutionalization to independent living and the role that has on disabled people’s lives. 

2: After reading “A Mad Fight: Psychiatry and Disability Activism,” Chapter 9. p. 115-131. by Bradley Lewis, answer the question

Describe 2 things that members of the Mad Pride movement take issue with as it relates to practices of psychology.

What do they want to see done differently as it relates to mental health disorder treatment?

3: Pick one of the following topics as discussed in the lectures and respond to it:

– Under-diagnosis and lack of adequate mental health care

– Over-diagnosis, over-medication and/or involuntary commitments

– Portrayals of mental health in media.

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