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1. Pick two misconceptions that people have about marketing …


1. Pick two misconceptions that people have about marketing and provide specific examples from your own experience with firms and brands. Why is it important for us to understand these misconceptions?

2. What are the 4Ps of marketing? Give an example of how each is applied at your organization?

3. What is a value proposition? What are the elements in the value proposition? How does your organization communicate value to your customers or, what is your value proposition to your employer?

4. What is a SWOT analysis, and what role does a SWOT play in a marketing plan? Apply the SWOT framework to analyze yourself as an applicant for your dream job or to analyze your organization.

5. Define Big M and little m marketing. What would be the likely negative outcome if a marketing plan focuses on strategy while overlooking tactics? Contrarily, what would be the outcome if a plan focused on tactics without strategy?

6. How does a focus on sustainability affect the marketing manager’s role and activities? Identify two organizations that you believe do a good job of paying attention to sustainability and explain why.

NOTE: To earn full credit, your DQ response should integrate course concepts or other credible sources with your professional experience. In other words, apply and cite the course content.

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