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A.an introduction of the different professions/ fields of in…

A.an introduction of the different professions/ fields of interior design along with brief discretion of each one.

B.using a timeline template stating the historical till this date evolutions to pin out the major developments or each design profession during each phase. for all three design professions 

1. landscaping design

2. bath design 

3. closets (  from dressers till walk-in closets ) the evolution design process. 

C. evaluate one historical development for each design profession ( stating the pros and cons for this evolution) 5 points for each 

D. discuss the knowledge and the understanding required to be handling projects in these 3 professions 

E.list down the skills required and areas that need to be improved over time to be an asset to the industry. 

note: each design profession should have an individual page that contains all points from B till E. 

a total of 3 pages is required. no photos are needed. 

minimum of 4 credible sources required 

you can find a picture of the actual assignment, in the attachment. 


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