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All input should be provided on command line. If all

 All input should be provided on command line.  If all 3 coefficients are not provided, the program should display an error message indicating proper input format and exit with no additional prompts.
You must use the following subprograms for this assignment:void solve_linear(int, int);
void solve_quad(int, int, int);
void solve_real(int, int, int);
void solve_complex(int, int, int);You will be required to use separate compilation with proper header files included (I will not accept excessive inclusions).
We will discuss separate compilation AFTER you have a working program in a single file. You are allowed ONE SUBMISSION ONLY:

  • Failure to follow these instructions carefully can and will result in no credit on the activity
  • Do NOT submit until AFTER we have discussed separate compilation in class 
  • Once submissions are accepted, attach ALL of the .c and .h files that you used for this program in a SINGLE submission.
  • Do NOT include the .o files or the executable.
  • Do NOT make multiple submissions… ONE submission only with all the files requested attached.


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