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Analyze how the effectiveness of global leadership developme…

Analyze how the effectiveness of global leadership development is evaluated in World Health Organization (WHO).  

Provide recommendations based on our readings(AT LEAST TWO) AND your own research (AT LEAST TWO).

This week’s reading

Adler, N. J., & Osland, J. (2016). Women Leading Globally: What We Know, Thought We Knew, and Need to Know about Leadership in the 21st Century.  Advances in Global Leadership

Dovidio, J. F., Gaertner, S. L., Ufkes, E. G., Saguy, T., & Pearson, A. R. (2016). Included but invisible? Subtle bias, common identity, and the darker side of “we”. Social issues and policy review, 10(1), 6-46.

Festekjian, A., Tram, S., Murray, C. B., Sy, T., & Huynh, H. P. (2014). I see me the way you see me: The influence of race on interpersonal and intrapersonal leadership perceptions. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 21(1), 102-119.

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