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Answer the following questions, please write in paragraph st…


Answer the following questions, please write in paragraph style.

1. List and briefly explain three neural adaptations to training you would expect to see at the end of 8 weeks of exercise. Your explanations should clarify the mechanisms for how each of these adaptations is taking place, physiologically.  Summarize and cite information from your textbook in your own words to support your writing.

2. Starting with glucose, how many ATP will its complete breakdown yield in each stage below? Show all work in a detailed summary.

  • Stage 1: ATP yield from glycolysis?
  • Stage 2: ATP yield from Pyruvate to acetyl CoA?
  • Stage 3: ATP yield from Krebs cycle?
  • Total ATP from 1 mol of glucose?

3. How many acetyl CoA’s are produced with the complete breakdown of palmitate (C16_H32_O2)? How many NADH + H? How many FADH2? How many total ATP are produced with palmitate’s complete breakdown?

4. If more energy is derived from breaking down fat (9.4 kcal/g) compared to carbohydrate (4.1 kcal/g), then why does the body preferentially oxidize carbohydrates?

5. Explain the carbohydrate and fat utilization limits in the body as they relate to exercise intensity and duration.

Please note: An APA formatted title page and references page should be included for all assignments. If you are using your text or outside sources to find information to answer the above questions, please be sure you provide a properly formatted in-text citation where appropriate as well. See the APA Style Template in Week 0 for help on formatting.

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