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Applied Research For this week’s discussion, consider recent…


Applied Research

For this week’s discussion, consider recent high-profile cases from around the nation and cities that have experienced protests surrounding police and the deadly use of force. From a criminological research perspective, suppose you wanted to conduct a study to identify strategies for addressing community members’ distrust of the police. Given all that you have learned to this point, how would you design the research study? In responding to this question, be sure to address the following items:

  • Discuss the type of data (quantitative and/or qualitative) you would collect and explain your rationale for the choice;
  • Explain the sampling strategy you would use, including the type of sampling you would use to select a representative sample of the community;
  • Identify the types of data collection tools you would use to collect data;
  • Describe the descriptive statistics you would use to present the study results; and
  • Explain how the results could be used to develop specific reforms to address issues related to race, diversity, and police use of force.

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