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Assignment 2: Implementing Programs for Female Offenders You…

Assignment 2: Implementing Programs for Female Offenders

You work for a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that is involved in the rehabilitation of female offenders. The local prison wants to implement rehabilitative and educational programs for its female inmates. You need to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for the prison authorities, highlighting different programs the prison could implement, such as substance abuse counseling, workforce training, and parenting training. The presentation should be an informational piece that enables the authorities to make a formal decision.

The types of programs and the reasons you outline in the presentation will determine funding and grant approval by various state and private funding agencies. Therefore, make sure your justification is sound by including scholarly resources.

For a report on programs developed to specifically meet female offenders’ needs, visit the following website:


In your presentation:

  • List the various programs you think should be implemented.
  • Provide brief objectives of each program.
  • Provide a rationale for how each program will prepare female inmates to reintegrate into society.

Also make sure that:

  • The list of rehabilitative or educational programs is comprehensive.
  • Each program has been well defined.
  • The objectives of each program are clear and concise.
  • The rationale for each program’s plan to reintegrate female offenders into society is clear and concise

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