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Choose two peer-reviewed articles to construct article analy…


  • Choose two peer-reviewed articles to construct article analysis #3.  Students will research the curriculum development process of Common Core. Students will provide an analysis on whether Common Core has worked for American schools. 
    • Select related articles to the topic at hand and locate two relevant articles from peer-reviewed journals to do some further in-depth study.
    •  Read the articles. (The articles must have been published in the last 6 years.)
    • Write a 250–500-word (minimum of 2 pages), double-spaced, assignment number, date, Times New Roman font style, 12 font size, and a
      reference page. APA writing style shall be used when citing references. 
    • Include the following in the analysis: Author’s most significant points: A summary of the author’s message. b. Text-to-self connections: Analyze how the article connects to your content and teaching practice. Use specific examples and elaborate on the use of the ideas. c. Questions and Criticism: One paragraph of doubts, challenges, and lingering questions.
    • Refer to APA Reference Sheet for guidance in citing the author(s) in the text and reference page.
    • The reference page is not a part of the 2 to 3-page report. The reference page is always separate. 
    • A template on how to construct an analysis was provided for you to utilize for organization and development. 

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