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Complete the following sentences using suitable words from t…

Complete the following sentences using suitable words from the lists
A. bygone
B. untimely
C. fascinating
D. realized
E. juxtaposed
F. myth
G. adversities
H. stoicism
1. majesty
J. magnificent
1. She________ that he had been lying her. He no longer lies her.
2. He does not have uncle. The uncle he boasts about is only a________
3. She made________achievement in her education from time to time. She will
graduate with promising grade if she continues.
4. Your journey sounds absolutely_______
5. Modern architecture________ with ancient Gothic Cathedrals
6. She showed great_______during her mother’s final illness.
7. The sheer_________of the mountain scenery attracts lost of tourists.
8. In________days, my grandfather used to tell me interesting stories
9. Life is not smooth. There are many ups and downs. In order to survive you are expected to ove
all these______
10. He came to an______
end, died before he had
completed his life’s work

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