Create a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation of 5 slides (excludin…

Create a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation of 5 slides (excluding the introduction and references) that provides a brief overview of global HR concepts. (AMAZON)

Provide the following in the presentation:

  • A description of Amazon as well as the country in which the organization is intending to do business internationally
  • A discussion of how the four factors that affect HRM in international markets would affect the selected organization’s approach to global HRM: (a) cultural dimensions, (b) education-human capital dimensions, (c) economic systems, and (d) political-legal systems

Include a title side, introduction/outline slide, and references slide. Each slide should contain no more than five bullet points and speaker notes.

Incorporate 3 references to support your presentation. These references should provide support/justification for HR actions as it relates to the international culture the organization is entering.

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