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Digital Transformation at Miroglio Fashion The fashion indus…


Digital Transformation at Miroglio Fashion

The fashion industry can be characterized as a hard to predict industry as fashion trends and consumer tastes evolve quickly and continually. This means that both demand forecasting and inventory allocation processes are challenging for the industry. Francesco Cavarero seeks to “bring analytical rigor to the company’s planning and inventory management decisions” leading to a digital transformation. The question becomes can artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning replace human intuition in this industry? More importantly, how will this impact the current business processes?

He has created a team of analysts to help him in this process. As the team of analysts charged with this task, you are required to address the following issues.

1. What would you recommend to Francesco to transform Miroglio’s information systems? Create a visual map for the steps you identify and describe the specific steps for the path that the organization will traverse to transform their information systems. Highlight the assumptions you make and discuss why these steps will help Miroglio be successful in its digital transformation.

2. Use the steps identified to create a project plan to execute this project. The plan should include a work breakdown structure (WBS) and Gantt chart that depicts tasks, duration with start and finish times, predecessors, and resource names.

3. Please write down the lessons learned from this project. What challenged you the most and why?

How you present this information to the CIO is important and you decide to create a report for Francesco. This report will follow the structure shown on the following page.



Project summary – in this part you discuss the overall goal of this project

Digital Transformation at Miroglio – business (process) challenges, expected benefits, discussion of specific steps you recommend referencing the visual map in appendix B.



Appendix A: Glossary of terms unique to your proposal 

Appendix B: Visual map

Appendix C: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Appendix D: Gantt chart (for extra credit)

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