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Discussion 1 After reading Psychological Testing and Assessm…

 Discussion 1

  • After reading Psychological Testing and Assessment Chapters 1 and 2, “The Mismeasure of Man,” and the APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists Standard 9: Assessment in the module resources,
    • How do psychological tests differ; what are the different types?
    • How are they used, in what settings are they used, and by whom are they used?
    • What are limitations of tests? How might testing be misused?
    • What are the legal and ethical issues related to testing?

Discussion 2

  • 1-3 Journal: Your Experience With Tests Assignment. Task: Submit to complete this assignmentIt is unlikely that you have not had some type of experience with testing or assessment, such as a driving test, a pre-employment honesty test, or a college admissions test.  briefly recount both a positive and a negative experience you have had with any type of testing or assessment and evaluate your experiences using the following guiding questions:
    • Referring to course concepts and psychometrics, what made your experience positive?
    • Referring to course concepts and psychometrics, what negative experiences did you have?
    • How could the negative experiences have been improved? Relate your answer to course theory and concepts.
    • How do you think these lessons learned could apply to psychological assessment and testing?

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