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Discussion 1 Do you believe that it is important for

 Discussion 1

Do you believe that it is important for all individuals who work in the health information management field to have knowledge of the various types of coding systems used in health care today, or should that knowledge just be limited to professional coders? Explain your reasoning.

 Discussion 2

Probably the worst way to resolve a conflict between a patient and a healthcare provider is going to court. Court is extremely time consuming and expensive, and it typically results in destruction of any relationship between the involved parties. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be a better option in many cases. Describe a scenario where ADR might work to resolve a healthcare conflict, and discuss which type of ADR you would recommend. In your responses to classmates, describe how an ADR method they did not choose would also work in the scenario they recommended.

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line.

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