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Engage in Diversity and Difference in Practice Utilize self-…

Engage in Diversity and Difference in Practice

  • Utilize self-reflection to think about your own personal bias that may have revealed themselves during Covid-19/Civic Unrest or could reveal themselves when working with clients of different backgrounds, culture, race, religion, etc. and write about how you overcame or would overcome any bias.


Advance Human Rights and Social Economic, and Environmental Justice

  • Review an advocacy agency’s websites that you would like to learn more about and write a summary on how their work could impact the work you plan to do after you complete your MSW degree. Please provide the agency’s name and website.


Engage in Policy Practice

  • Identify 1 social policy at the local, state or federal level, and explain in writing how the policy impacts the wellbeing, service delivery, and access to social service for clients /constituents. 

Identify your role as a social worker to address any deficiencies or problematic circumstances as a result of the policies being implemented.  What would you do to assist clients/constituents who are effected by such adverse polices? 

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