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Executive format programs have an applied learning component…

Executive format programs have an applied learning component (internship/practicum) that is an integral (essential) part of the established curriculum. These programs require the student take part in an internship (that is offered by the sponsoring employer through a cooperative agreement with the school), job shadow experience, or job reflection experience.

The course serves as one way to help students reflect and connect their coursework to their practical work experience. This course is one of several integrated components that connect the practical experience to the curriculum. In this course, students can choose to participate in an alternative work-study, internship in an area directly related to the student’s course of study.

Due to the embedded practical experience component in the curriculum, students must identify their work-study, internship, cooperative education experience by the start of the term.

Please answer the following questions to identify what you have done to prepare for success in your course this semester.


Question 1 – Briefly explain any steps you are taking, or plan to take, to gain hands-on experience in your program of study. ( 100 words)


Question 2 – State two goals you hope to achieve through applying your coursework this term to your workplace experience. ( 100 words)


Course name – blockchain technology 

Subject for this semester – 1. HR management in blockchain technology 

2. blockchain development.

Work – .net developer (blockchain)

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