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Explain the procedures your department or a department near …

Explain the procedures your department or a department near you would follow when investigating a high-dollar-loss fire or a fire resulting in an injury or fatality. Do you feel your department is prepared for these types of investigations? Why, or why not? What can be done better?
In your response to a classmate’s post, provide additional insight that might help with the investigation process. 



This has been an everchanging concept in my town. For years the Local law enforcement would be involved in any loss. That is, million dollars are more and death in a fire. Now they have a department with investigators and inspectors. They go out to any fire that seems suspicious, and if a death or high dollar loss, they call in the States fire marshal to help with the investigation. The State Fire marshall is also a law enforcement officer, has arrreest powers, and can issue citations for concerns with the business. We need to have law enforcement certified investigators on the county level to help arrest suspects.

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