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Find 5 articles related to Leadership Management and write 5

Find 5 articles related to Leadership Management and write 5 annotated bibliographies according to the contents of the article.

Annotated bibliography format

  • This article is about…. (2 sentences – 1 broad, 1 more specific)
  • The author thinks that
  • The thesis is that leaders should … that’s because of …
  • Implication – what is the results of what will happen if the leader did according to the thesis (e.g. by giving the test, the leader will be… happier turnover )
  • Include APA citation

Articles (Pick 5 from here)

  1. https://cmoe.com/blog/how-data-analytics-can-make-a-better-leader/
  2. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/technology-ally-inclusion-diversity-work/
  3. https://thriveglobal.com/stories/how-technology-changes-leadership/
  4. https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/10067-business-technology-innovation-human-user.html
  5. https://www.bcg.com/publications/2020/importance-of-transformative-leadership-post-coronavirus
  6. https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/2017/02/08/theme-3-humanity-and-human-judgment-are-lost-when-data-and-predictive-modeling-become-paramount/
  7. https://www.cumanagement.com/articles/2018/09/humans-versus-ai

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