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For this assignment, you are the Forensic Examiner for the

For this assignment, you are the Forensic Examiner for the county of Manchester. The county has just elected a new sheriff who does not have a clue of what is mobile forensics. Please create a 10-15 PPT with speaker notes and cite to support the information on each slide. Your title slide and reference list slides are additional and not counted in the presentation slides. Present on the following:

  1. What is mobile forensics?
  2. What is cell phone forensics?
  3. Describe evidence contamination and Faraday Methods
  4. Explain the legal process as it relates to mobile forensics
  5. Warrant language as it relates to forensics
  6. Provide an overview of the cellular network
  7. Provide an overview of subscriber identity module 
  8. Explain data and time staps
  9. Manual decoding MMS
  10. Explain the purpose of XPIN Clip 
  11. What is Hashcat?

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