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Give a specific example of a value-added service by a


  • Give a specific example of a value-added service by a logistics provider that you have recently experienced. Explain why that event was positive or negative for you.
  • Identify a customer service attribute you feel would be most important to a company that supplies meals to an airline. Justify your answer with an appropriate example or illustration.
  • Online technology is widely used to purchase both personal items and materials for organizational use. One risk with the use of technology for purchasing is power outages or system failures. Describe a strategy an organization can use to help reduce the impact of such technology failure risks.
  • Select a modern supply chain technology and give an example of how an aircraft manufacturer might use that technology to improve customer relationships and increase productivity within the value chain.

 Write the paper in accordance with current APA style rules including a cover page, narrative body, and reference list on a separate final page. 

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