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How the below roles and responsibilities of a “System admini…

How the below roles and responsibilities of a “System administrator” related to the below listed courses. Please write how each course is related to System administrator in 10 sentences for each course. and also write a abstract on the “data analytics” degree will be useful for a system administrator 

1. Data Science Tools

2. Intro to SQL for Data Analytics

Roles and responsibilities
Migrated the new implementation of TPO web center E sign feature for Loan Officers to reduce Encompass user license for External company broker LO’s.

· Attended weekly review meeting and gathered the requirements.

· Worked on new business rules and implemented the new changes in Test Instance and submitted the request to Compliance team to complete the review.

· Assisted users and completed the Encompass support issues.

· Added new loan programs in the System and updated the necessary settings.

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