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This week’s Unit 5 lab was to conduct penetration testing on a pfsense firewall, in order to detect open vulnerabilities in an environment. The tool used for this was Nessus. We created a Basic network Scan template and specified it for two targets. After Nessus ran its network scan on the two target IP’s listed in the lab, it displayed all the vulnerabilities associated with those on the network. Furthermore, it also showed the remediations for those vulnerabilities and how to fix them. Nessus and Zenmap are great tools that anyone can use to assist them securing their networks and making sure their vulnerabilities are patched. The lab had us first create a specific LAN rule on the pfSense firewall, in order to allow the Remote Desktop Protocol (MS RDP-Port 3389) and log the packets that are handled by that rule. After the configuration of the firewall the next step was to use Nessus to check for vulnerabilities on the network. The lab had us create a Basic Network scan on two targets. After creating the rule, we ran the scan and waited about 10-15 mins while the scan did its scanning. Once the scan was completed, Nessus then provides the results. It shows all the open vulnerabilities and what they are, with a lot of details. It also has a Remediation tab that tells the user how to fix the issue. Once the issue is fixed you can run a scan again, to make sure you network is secure.

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