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In some cultures they wear black for 1 year when

  • In some cultures they wear black for 1 year when someone they love dies, do you think this is a good ritual? What do you do to show respect for those who have passed away?
  • Globalization is inevitable – how can we make sure people who don’t want to participate can preserve their culture?
  • How do you know if something is “normal”?
  • It’s a very different culture. What do people need to know when they move to Thailand?
  • I am a mixed-raced child. Will any country ever accept me as one of their own?
  • Have you ever encountered a food that was hard to swallow but you didn’t want to offend someone?
  • What’s the best way to experience a new culture for you?
  • What would be disrespectful in one culture but okay in another?
  • As a woman, would you be willing to wear traditional Moslem clothing and withstand the restrictions on women while traveling in a Moslem country?
  • What elements of a culture do you look forward to when traveling?
  • Do you think cultures can learn from each other?
  • How do you blend in when you are trying to experience a new culture?
  • What makes up a culture?
  • What makes a culture better than another culture?
  • Is it fair to judge someone’s culture good or bad?

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