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Instructions: Respond to the following two posts. Due by 4/21/2024. A Prayer

Instructions: Respond to the following two posts. Due by 4/21/2024.

A Prayer over You


The power of prayer is real. I believe that God answers our prayers that need to be answered.  Growing up in church, people have prayed for me and prayed over me.  I believe there is a difference.  To me, praying for someone means that you will say a prayer if someone is in need, or needs help.  Praying over someone involves evoking the holy spirit to take over that person and help the spirit flow through them.  Of course, that is just my perspective.


                  I believe that the interview/assessment process is important because it helps you get to know that person and intimate details of that person’s life.  It allows you to be more specific and direct with the person as well.  It also allows the interviewee to have a chance to be more comfortable or “break the ice” if you will.  I am very comfortable with the interview process, as it is kind of what I do for a living.  Speaking with others and learning about them, although drains my energy (because I am naturally introverted), is fun for me. 


                  I am more than comfortable praying with others as long as everyone is OK with it, as I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.  I have to be honest, praying in front of other people makes me uncomfortable, but I have done it many times before and I can get through it.  Praying is very personal to me because I have always viewed it as my personal relationship with God.

Traditional Psychology Methods in Working with Clients


           One traditional method used in psychology I like is the Person-centered therapy. It was developed by Carl Rodgers; he was a big supporter of self-actualization and the idea we all have the power to find what is best for the changes we make to live better lives. I agree with this approach, some benefit from using it, and it helps them to develop the skills they need to move forward. The client leads this method instead of the therapist, the therapist follows with compassion, non-judgment, and to encourage them and not to interrupt what they are realizing about themselves. In their self-discoveries they are guided and supported. The client can benefit from gaining more self-awareness, self-confidence, and be more successful in building relationships. Using this method can help individuals with anxiety/ depression, grief, or relationship issues. This only works well for those who like to talk, who are more motivated to work on things, and they will be more successful using this method. However, when it is working for the right group of people, they feel better, understand those areas of their lives, and be more present in their healing. This method may be extremely helpful, but it can have a downside to it. An Individual who does not know how to think for themselves, lead the conversation, or has higher levels of stress may not be suited for this approach (Person-Centered Therapy, n.d.).  

           Another counseling approach is reality therapy; it was developed in 1962 by Willian Glasser, Reality Therapy, (n.d.) mentions how it is a form of psychotherapy that views behaviors as a choice and not from an actual mental health issue. He states that people have five basic needs to be met and this makes them genetically wired, and they cannot be changed. He looks at it as a way of improving relationships and current things in that individual’s life instead of focusing on the past. People have the need to be loved, to belong, and have their basic needs met. This approach teaches people they cannot control how they feel, but we can control how we think and behave. The behaviors we chose play a key role in how we take accentuality for our actions and who we are. The goal in this method is to help an individual take control of their own life, by learning, problem solving, and making better choices.  

         It can be used in child individual therapy, parent child therapy or family counseling. Not to get it mistaken with CBT, there is an overlap in the two approaches, CBT examines an individual’s thought process and emotions closer to where reality therapy looks at the unmet needs and goals. It is a solution-oriented method, and it allows you to examine your behavior that is interfering with your daily activities. Once you figure out what you need to change you can work on it. The unmet needs are why there are current issues in a person’s life. I can see this working for many. Some people lack their needs being met and think it is a Mental health issues and it may not always be the case.  Needs to meet are Love and feeling a belonging, survival, power, freedom, and fun (Loggins, 2023). The only negative thing I can see with this approach is how it overlooks mental health issues and that should be considered and ruled out.  





Loggins, B. (2023, November 20). How reality therapy works. Verywell Mind. 


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