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Introduction ***I added the last assignment to use.*** This …


***I added the last assignment to use.***

This assignment is a continuation of the first assignment.  Specifically, for this assignment, you will be graded in two areas:  Corrections/modifications to the first assignment and the literature review portion of the research paper.  I STRONGLY recommend you review the literature review forum, literature review example, and listen to the short, 5-min audio file I created and posted in the literature review forum.  Your grade will be improved immensely if you review those forums and implement the suggestions within them.


Your paper will contain:

  1. All previous section turned in with Assignment #1 but corrected and modified to incorporate the critique from the first assignment.
  2. A 2-3-page literature review surrounding your research proposal.  
  3. You are strongly encouraged to incorporate the suggestions provided in the notes on a successful literature review listed below.  Points will be deducted for errors not corrected from the previous assignment.


The format of your research proposal including the literature review should:

  1. Be a total of 8-10 pages in length not including title page and references (this is the length of the previous assignment plus the addition of a literature review).  In intelligence writing, succinctness counts so points will be deducted if your proposal is longer than 12 pages (not including title page or references).
  2. Include a title page, proposal body, and a reference page (title and reference page are not included within the page count). You do NOT need an abstract or table of contents.
  3. Have a 1-inch border on all four sides, use Times New Roman-12 point font, be double spaced, and not have an extra space in between paragraphs.
  4. Have all references and citations are in the Chicago author/date format. This information is from the Master’s Capstone Manual and it should help you develop your research proposal.

Literature Review

A literature review is a critical evaluation of the literature!  You must put your grad school cap on and do some thinking.  You need to question what the authors are saying, discuss where authors agree…where do the authors disagree?  Is there one author who is an outlier?  What is YOUR educated opinion (backed up by the literature)?

As such, a good literature review should include:

  1. An introduction describing the three or four main themes in the literature.  Most students miss this part, they provide summaries of what the literature is saying, but if you look at an area of research, there are usually three or four themes or ideas that permeate throughout the various journal articles, scholarly papers, important news articles.  What are they?   You should organize your literature review around these themes.  
  2. An overview of past, original research regarding the research topic.  Mention one or two old articles that lay the foundations of the body of knowledge for your research question if appropriate, but focus on the latest findings.  
  3. Point out who the most important researchers are in the field who have ‘set the bar’ for similar research questions as yours.
  4.  An update on the most current research being conducted.  What is the current thinking?
  5. Where do different researchers agree?  Where do they disagree?  Do not write a literature review that just says:  “Researcher Dr. A says intelligence is messed up.  Researcher Dr. B also says intelligence is messed up.  Researcher Dr. C. says intelligence is just sort of messed up…”  Blah, blah, blah.  That’s boring.  Talk about SPECIFICS and where they do agree.  “As both Dr. A and Dr. B agree, all intelligence professionals like to wear purple shoes, but Dr. C has shown that blue suede shoes are the new thing.”
  6. And… this is huge…where are the gaps in the literature?  What isn’t being said in the research that should be?  Usually, your research question will fill one of those gaps or at least add to it…

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