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Moqup.com is the sight I’m using for this assignment. Passwo…

 Moqup.com is the sight I’m using for this assignment.



[email protected] -Username

Module 2 instructions:



Update your mockup to reflect any instructor feedback and any new design principles covered. 

Using HTML apply the basic web design principles learned so far to create the personal website that you proposed in Module 1. At this point, you are just creating the structure of your website. This includes a blank web page, a layout for the opening page, and a navigation (menu bar). It is important that you do not go beyond creating the structure at this point, since in the future assignments you will add additional features and content based on instructor feedback on your website structure.

Write one page outlining the website’s purpose and audience.

Create a zipped folder containing all files and name it under your last name plus Assig2. Example Kalantari-Assig2. Submit your zipped folder to Module 2 Assignment link.




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