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(Optional Discussion Posting) Musicologist Craig Wright stat…

 (Optional Discussion Posting) Musicologist Craig Wright states: “In the 1960’s, a reaction against the formal abstractions of Schoenberg and his disciples contributed to the increasing popularity of musical Postmodernism. Composers and the listening public had rebelled, choosing to embrace a variety of musical styles – electronic music, chance music, and Minimalism, for example. Viewed broadly, Modernism turned and did battle with traditional musical styles.”  Do a little research and give two examples of these new styles that are not included in your textbook. Please write at least 2 paragraphs, one paragraph on each piece. You may use Wikipedia as a source for information, but this must be in your own words. Do not copy and paste, or you won’t get any credit. (5 points extra credit)  P.S. You cannot use the same two works that your classmates have already chosen if they have done this discussion post. 

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