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Part 1 Homework Assessment Analyze the Text “American Histor…


Part 1

Homework Assessment Analyze the Text “American History”

1. Compare and Contrast: Explain the contrast in Elena’s feelings toward her own home and Eugene’s house. Cite descriptive details that reflect these feelings.

2. Analyze: In what ways does this story reflect social issues facing America in the 1960s? Consider descriptions of Elena’s school and neighborhood, as well as Eugene’s mother’s reaction to Elena.

3. (a) What subject is Elena planning to study with Eugene?

(b) Interpret: What other reasons might Ortiz Cofer have for calling this story “American History”?

4. Essential Question: What does it mean to be “American”?

What have you learned about American Identity from reading this selection?

Part 2

1. Use the chart to identify conflicts Elena faces in addition to the main conflict.

For each conflict you note, identify at least one story detail that supports your answer.

Elena vs An Outside Force Elena vs Herself

2. (a) In the last scene of the story, why does Elena say that her tears are just for herself?

(b) In what ways does the assassination of the president both add to and minimize the importance of Elena’s suffering? Explain

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