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Part 1:In a well-developed paragraph, reflect on the signifi…


Part 1:In a well-developed paragraph, reflect on the significance of what you read in the article you were assigned. Reflect on the information you learned from the article and any questions you have. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s ideas?  Will the information you learned affect your own life? Was the author biased about the topic and did his or her language reflect objectivity or subjectivity? Use examples from the article to support your response. 

Part 2:  

Remember that a well-developed paragraph should have a strong topic sentence with solid concrete details to support the main point you are trying to make. Use examples from the text and from your experience to support your topic sentence. If you borrow exact words from the article, remember to use quotation marks to indicate that you are using borrowed words. Reference the paragraph editing checklist on pages 356-357 in The Norton Field Guide to Writing textbook. 

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