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Part (a): Discussion post format Include the following infor…

Part (a):   Discussion post format

  • Include the following information as a numbered-bullet list (as shown below) in your discussion post (don’t lose points by not numbering your responses)NEVER COPY/PASTE QUESTION PROMPTS INTO YOUR DISCUSSION POST!  (It looks unprofessional and not university-level work.  Only include your responses into your graded discussion submission.)
  1. Introduce your “family” by name (their name is located on right-side of webpage), include a copy/paste of the weblink, and include:
  2. Using the information found in your news article (STEP 5 above at the top of this page) & any other online news sources, write a 1-paragraph substantive (5-7 sentences) summary reporting a “positive economics” perspective of what the basic economy is in the area you’ve selected.  For example, what does this area produce, how do people earn money, what is the population, what are the resource or scarcity issues in the area)?  Be sure to include quantitative (numerical) information in this paragraph.  Note that this bullet point should NOT include “normative economic” statements, it should only include a reporting of “what is”.
  3. Include a correctly formatted APA citation: Author, (date) Title of the news article; name of news source; and web address (copy/pasted)
  4. Write a 1-paragraph substantive (5-7 paragraph) summary of something you found most surprising about your visit to Dollar Street website and WHY you were surprised; “normative economic” responses are encouraged. The thesis sentence in this paragraph should be a 1-sentence statement of your own reflection on something your found interesting about your family (specifically) or something (generally) that you found surprising from this assignment.  Underline & Bold this sentence, it represents your thesis statement.  The thesis sentence (central idea) should clearly state the direct object that you are referring to as a noun (avoid referring to the topic of your central idea with a pronoun or indirect object).  The thesis sentence should stand-alone in meaning and not relay on other sentences for context in understanding. 
  5. Write one question that you still have related to your family or their country.  Use a noun phrase denoting the direct object, not a pronoun to refer to your issue (i.e., the reader should understand exactly what you are referring to without needing to reference elsewhere in your summary.  (Good example: How big of a problem is red tide in other countries?; Bad example: How big of a problem is this in other countries?).

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