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Pediatric Denver II Assessment Assignment Complete Denver II…


Pediatric Denver II Assessment Assignment

Complete Denver II assessment on a child between the ages of 0-6.  Fill out the worksheet and document finding. Take the child’s height, weight, head circumference (if under 3 years of age), and vital signs. Write 250-500 words summarizing your assessment findings and the observations you were able to make.  Remember to maintain HIPPA standards when discussing your client.  Write an additional 250 words including evidence-based practice education for the parents/guardians based on what you noted. Discuss TWO interventions/ recommendations for the child to improve on.  These interventions/recommendations should be from TWO separate categories (social, language, cognitive, physical). This could include education on how to catch the child up to their age range or what to expect in the coming year and how to help their child learn. 

Here are some slides explaining how to complete a Denver II assessment:


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