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Pick a product/good/service (for example, Crest 3D Whitestri…


Pick a product/good/service (for example, Crest 3D Whitestrips, Coke Zero, Old Spice Red Zone After Hours body wash) and find 3 ads from a recent campaign for that product/good/service. These ads can be print, TV, radio, interactive, outdoor, etc. When you turn in your campaign, include either links, photos, or some sort of reproduction of each of the ads. In a paper no less than 6 pages (and no more than 10), evaluate the campaign and answer the following questions:

A.Information about the product/good/service

What is the product/good/service? Where might it be sold? What is its price point (discount, luxury, other)? When/where might the product be used? By whom? (10pts)

B.Information about the target market

Who is the target market for this product/good/service? For each of the ads, who is the target audience? Are they the same? Which type(s) of market segmentation do you believe the marketers used and why? (10pts)

C. Assessment of the ads

What are the key benefits being communicated in each of the ads? Are they the same? How are the ads positioning the brand in the marketplace? Are all the ads accomplishing this in the campaign? How is the creative strategy communicating these key benefits? Do you believe it is effective? Why or why not? (20pts) 

D.Evaluation of the media plan

Evaluate the media plan based on the three ads you’ve examined. This plan could be explicit if you happen to find sources out there in the ad or business press that describe such, or it could be implied (such as if you or classmates have observed a pattern). Do you believe the media plan will reach the intended target? Do you believe the media plan is emphasizing continuity, reach or frequency? Why? (20pts)

E. Social media component 

If the three sample ads you chose at the start of this process are not from placement on social media, how do you think your brand could use leading social media platforms to reinforce the campaign? If your initial choices did involve social media, briefly describe two ways you’d suggest that the brand improve its social media presence. (20pts)

F. Theory in practice 

Pick three principles or best practices mentioned in any of the course materials over the term (textbook chapters, video lectures, and/or matters that came up in discussion or other resources offered by classmates, etc.) that you think apply best to promote success for your chosen product and/or category, and discuss why you bring up these examples. (20pts)

You should clearly label each section in your paper. Your answer to each of these questions must be based on evidence and should include specific examples.

Please submit your work as Word or PDF only. (.pages for MAC is NOT an acceptable format)

APA style, (12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced etc. )

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