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Please answer each question throughly. Research must he done…

Please answer each question throughly. Research must he done where applicable. Your grade is contingent upon the in-depthness of the responses given. The minimum/maximum length of this paper is four pages. Restate question and attach this paper after vour title page

1. One of the Eastern Bloc countries has resulted in a transition from a command economy to a market economy. Explain the process, incentives, decontrols Hungarian’s government has/had to out in place to transition to a market economy. How long you think this process will take? As a manager, at what stage would you try to market your product/service to this country? explain

2. With regards to the various agreements/treaties discussed: EU, WTO, NAFTA, CARICOM. APEC, MERCOSUR, discuss any pending applications, advantages/implications for trade with the US and determine the mean GNP or GNL

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