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Please assist with assignment Please use the information below (Protocol II) to guide your method section for review studies.

Please assist with assignment 

Please use the information below (Protocol II) to guide your method section for review studies. Formulate data analysis plan

Please continue the protocol you started last term. This time you will focus on assessing study quality. Things to consider along with any others you think of, or come across in your readings: sample size, sample representativeness, publication date, reliability of measures, validity of methods.

Copy and paste this into a MS word document and complete it, then submit it to the drop box.


Quality assessment

What criteria will be used to assess methodological quality (e. g., minimum sample size? Experimental design quality? Longitudinal design quality – if relevant; measures were all reliable and valid, per-reviewed, etc.)??

______________ The study will only consider peer-reviewed articles that relied on measurement tools to obtain data and information. Studies that used randomized controlled trials will be considered. Studies with surveys, interviews, and questionnaires will also be considered. Studies conducted using themes in the determination of their outcomes will equally be considered. The selected studies will be those with subjects who will either be counselors, counselees, individuals with mental health problems, individuals who had experienced mental health problems, adult participants, and children. The selected peer-reviewed articles will be those published between the year 2019 and the year 2024. Studies with sample sizes of less than 3 participants will not be considered for the review. The reliability and validity of the studies will determined by the effectiveness of the listed measurement tools in producing the required data or information and in answering the research questions.

_________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How will quality assessment be performed? (I recommend adding a quality column in your word or excel table and putting the evaluation info there; you can also include a paragraph in your method about using only peer-reviewed articles using reliable measures (alpha = .70 or higher) and will evaluate any design issues if there are questions – unequal groups or not enough men, etc.).

_________ Quality assessment will be performed by looking at the measurements used in the study. The research will not consider studies that lack measurement tools in their data extraction. Studies that with narrative reviews with systematic search will be ignored because such studies lack measurement tools. Studies with data that have been extracted using measurements that are applicable or can be generalized in similar scenarios will be considered. Adequate statistical power will be a key consideration in determining the quality of information and data from a study. Studies with sample sizes of less than 3 participants will be ignored.



Data extraction (E. g., percentages of people from different genders experiencing depression, diagnosed with depression, displaying signs of depression or a variant of depression; raw depression scores or z-scores for depression-related mental illness; number of significant differences found across genders, et. Tell a good story, but a true and accurate one, with your data).

What are the key data to be extracted?

__ This study will consider the results of the studies under review. There will be a need to consider the results in terms of meeting the research goals and answering the research questions. For instance, it will be important to determine whether a study meets its stated hypothesis. As for qualitative studies, the themes will be analyzed to determine whether they correspond to the aims of the studies.


How will data extraction be performed, and how will extracted data be presented? (Again, I recommend a table but depending on what you are showing, a graph could be interesting to show different symptoms – oh, an

The graph shows measurements and the number of studies that were extracted for each category. The data from the 15 studies were extracted using this guideline.

Number of studies and Measurements

Number of studies Study themes Randomized controls Interviews Online survey onlne therapy 2 1 6 2 4 Series 2 Study themes Randomized controls Interviews Online survey onlne therapy Series 3 Study themes Randomized controls Interviews Online survey onlne therapy

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