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Please see attached files. The best literature reviews are not individual summaries of articles; rather, they are a combined synthesis. In

Please see attached files. 

The best literature reviews are not individual summaries of articles; rather, they are a
combined synthesis. In scholarly writing, to synthesize means to bring various ideas and
pieces of information together. In this “bringing together,” new comparisons are drawn
and new meanings derived. So, even though you are reporting on information in four
different articles, you are also molding that information into a new and unique story you
are telling about the research topic.

For a visual, you might think about each piece of information within a theme as a strand
of yarn or rope. You weave those strands together, put them against each other, twist
them, and eventually you come up with a beautiful shape. In the literature review, this
“weaving” looks like comparing, contrasting, and analyzing the articles in relationship to
one another and the social work profession.

In this Assignment, you write a short literature review on your research topic, keeping
the principle of synthesis in mind.


• Review the Learning Resources on writing a literature review. You may also wish to
consult the Writing Toolbox in the left navigation of your classroom for additional
resources relevant to writing your literature review.

• Review the annotated outline you submitted last week and any feedback you have
received from your Instructor.

• With this feedback in mind, write a 2-page literature review based on
your annotated outline.

NOTE: RESEARCH TOPIC AND annotated outline. IT IS


Submit a 2-page literature review demonstrating what is known about your topic and

any identified gaps. The literature review must include at least four of the peer-
reviewed research articles you found.

At the end of your literature review, write 1 to 2 paragraphs
answering the following question:

• How will you change, refine, or focus your research question
based on your exploration of the literature? Provide

Make sure to include appropriate APA citations and a reference list.

  • NOTE: Research topic and annotated outline. It is attached separately.

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