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Portfolio Activity Unit 1 Review the Unit 3 Written Assignme…


Portfolio Activity Unit 1

Review the Unit 3 Written Assignment (available in the U3 Learning Guide) and the BUS 5910 Course Guide for Final Paper and Presentation. 

This area will be used for communication about the major papers due during the course. For this week’s portfolio activity, please advise the instructor of the following:

  1. Provide a brief list of research references you might use (you are not committing to using the resources) for the written assignment due at the end of Unit 3. Please also describe the content of the resource (in one or two sentences) in order to demonstrate the relevance and usefulness of each.
  2. Use the course forum as a place to ask questions or express concerns (confidential basis) of the instructor.

Feel free to ask questions and engage in discussion about the major papers in the Course Forum with your instructor and classmates prior to the submission of the Unit 3 written assignment.

Submission status

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