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Provide an example of classical conditioning, of operant con…


  1. Provide an example of classical conditioning, of operant conditioning, and of habituation/recovery in young infants. Why is each type of learning useful?
  2. Using examples, explain why intermodal perception is vital for infants’ developing understanding of their physical and social worlds.
  3. Cite evidence that motor development is a joint product of biological, psychological, and environmental factors.
  4. What impact does toddlers’ more advanced play with toys have on the development of attention?
  5. Why is the social-interactionist perspective attractive to many investigators of language development? Cite evidence that supports it.
  6. Why do many infants show stranger anxiety in the second half of the first year? What factors can increase or decrease wariness of strangers?
  7. How do genetic and environmental factors work together to influence temperament? Cite several examples from research.

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