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Read: Chapter 1: Unethical Behaviors in Organizations and Human Nature inCollins, D., & Kanashiro, P.

Read: Chapter 1: Unethical Behaviors in Organizations and Human Nature in

Collins, D., & Kanashiro, P.
Business Ethics. (3rd Edition). SAGE Publications, Inc. (US), 2021.

Read: Shaw (2019) article: url posted on syllabus.

4) In this Forum, and using
only the listed readings for support, write 3 – 4 full separate paragraphs in your
own words (no quotes) to answer the following questions:

What do you think are the most common types of unethical behaviors in organizations, including those of ‘good people?’

Why do you think a course in ethical behavior and compliance in organizations will be important to you as a professional, and for understanding organizational ethics and compliance practices?

How is technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), a potential ethics issue for business organizations?

Required: Reference listing section at the end of your Forum posting (use APA reference style). NO QUOTES or Copied wording from any source is permitted.

Note: If you receive less than 10 points on this Forum: i.e., 9 pts for some needed additional depth of discussion / 8 pts for needed deeper discussion, edits and/or missing your reference section in APA format / etc. other issues

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