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Read these directions carefully. Read the article. Answer al…

Read these directions carefully.  Read the article.  Answer all the questions completely (one word answers or short sentences will not get you full credit).

How to Say Nothing in 500 Words.pdf How to Say Nothing in 500 Words.pdf – Alternative Formats

In the article, the instructor’s directions: “For Monday, you will turn in a five-hundred-word composition on college football.”  Thinking that this is an easy task, the student wrote the assignment.  In fact, the student struggled at the end.  Then turned it in–thinking the grade will be “ok.”  And what happened?
Reflect back to past assignments in writing classes.  Have you experienced something similar?   “How can you be expected to make a dull subject interesting?”
Then critically think about the rest of the article–What did you learn? How will reading this help you in future assignments (and not just a writing class)?
Since, this is a reflective piece, I do not want to put any length requirements.  I need to know that you read the article and made connections with your own writing.  One sentence is not enough valid information for me to ascertain this.

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