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Research and critique the business network structure of an e…

Research and critique the business network structure of an enterprise of your choice. You may use an actual enterprise, or a fictional enterprise you defined for your case studies in previous courses. Address the following topics:

  • Differentiation: The subdivision of individuals, groups, and organizations into specialized workgroups.
  • Integration: The links and relationships between the workgroups, the overall organization, and individuals in terms of:
    • Task-based relationships
    • Information-based relationships
    • Social relationships
  • Decision-making differentiation: The differentiation among business units based on products or services, business functions, and geographic markets.

To complete the assignment, you need to post a Microsoft Word 300-word research report, to address the following:

  • Research the governance model used in your company.
  • Discuss different methods of governance and how they might benefit the company.
  • Review the level of collaboration among various business units, external suppliers, distributors, and customers.
  • Evaluate whether your company is meeting the requirements for participating in a collaborative community. If not, what changes or improvements would you recommend? 

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