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Share and reflect your expereince or observation in child we…

Share and reflect your expereince or observation in child welfare agencies regarding how the caseworker’s personal values, biases, beliefs, and knowledge affected how they intervened with the child and family.  It doesn’t necessary to only be at the child weflare–relate it to your internship or work.   


1) Choose one vulnerable population you think that need our attention.  

2) Relate your discussion to “How our political and moral views” (pp.1221-1222) interacted with a perspective toward your population.  

3 ) Discuss the dimensions of vulnerability involved with your chosen population.  Identify whether your chosen population experience persistent or temporary vulnerabilities. 

4) Discuss any current approaches to work with your chosen population.

5) Your initial posting is due the midnight of Sep 4 and peer postings to at least 2 classmates is due on the midnight of Sep 7.   

6) You need to read carefully “Vulnerable People: Societal View” article before posting the discussion.  The article is under “Resources” in Week 3.   Refer the article while you writing it. 

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