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The Injustice Never Leaves You

The Mexican American Experience

For this option you will read The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas by Monica Munoz Martinez.  In this book Munoz Martinez writes about the lynching of Mexican Americans in Texas, often at the hands of the Texas Rangers.

The Injustice Never Leaves You

Monica Munoz Martinez wrote in The Injustice Never Leaves You, that “…the lynching of Rodriguez felt all to familiar – in its essence if not its specifics – as part of a long broad pattern of American aggression in numerous parts of the world”.  In this discussion, you will analyze the extralegal violence committed against Mexican Americans within the context of U.S. aggression. 

1. Read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of The Injustice Never Leaves You

2. Think about U.S. imperialism (from week 3 lecture), U.S. foreign policy of containment (from week 7 lecture), or the Black Civil Rights Movement (from this week’s lecture)

3. Address the following question in an initial post:

  • Do you agree with Martinez’s assessment, that the violence committed against Mexican Americans was part of a larger pattern of U.S. aggression as discussed during lectures?  Make sure you explain why you agree or disagree, and provide evidence to support your point of view.  (Evidence should come from examples discussed in The Injustice Never Leaves You, and lecture).
    • You do not have to talk about all three lectures.  I would suggest you focus on comparing the violence committed against Mexican Americans to U.S. aggression during one of the time periods listed above

4- Leave two reflection comments on the document (book) that is influenced by your understanding.

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