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The making of “prodigy”: How G. Stanley Hall and John Watson changed

The making of “prodigy”: How G. Stanley Hall and John Watson changed the role of psychology in education and child development.





Term essay marking is broken down as follows:


Introduction – 15 Marks

– Clearly introduces the topic and defines constructs to be considered

– Outlines the essay’s argumentative process

            – Indicates a specific issue to be addressed and a reason behind its importance

            – Lists the premises of an argument that addresses the issue

            – Briefly proposes the final position that will be argued by the essay


Content – 50 Marks

– Reviews theoretical/research material and evidence that is relevant to the topic investigated and to the argument proposed

            – Information is accurate

            – Citations are supplied as required

            – Avoids distracting, unnecessary detail

            – Demonstrates awareness of major findings and approaches in the chosen topic

            -Uses labels, constructs and terminology correctly

– Demonstrates extensive research and strong understanding of the subject area


Argument – 30 Marks


– Integrates existing theories and/or research findings to synthesize a distinct argument

– Analyzes argumentative position into its assumptions and premises, then provides evidence and reasoning to support each of these

– Content is organized to reflect and compliment the logical structure of the argument

-Argument remains consistent throughout the essay


APA Format – 5 Marks

-Title page, headings, citations, and references adhere to most recent APA guidelines (see the Basics Tutorial @ http://www.apastyle.org/). An abstract is not required.

Brief Recommendations:

Begin reading and collecting research materials early. This is a long-term project and should reflect extensive reflection on a selected topic.

Consult The TA or professor if you encounter difficulty or uncertainty in developing your ideas. We are here to help.

Make the essay focused and consistent. Keep your reader in mind and remember that you are trying to convince them of your argument. Be sure each of your points has a clear purpose and that it fits cogently with points that come before and after.

Avoid circular logic

Avoid making either whiggish or presentist assumptions about the connections among historical events

Your argument should take both intra-institutional and extra-institutional factors into account. That is, keep in mind that the context for your topic is constituted by both what was happening in the field of psychology and society in general at any given historical point. Making the connection between these interdependent contexts and your topic will sharpen the critical historical perspective of the essay and thereby strengthen your argument. 

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