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this assignment is due today and there is no extended

this assignment is due today and there is no extended time.  5 hours to do 

Use the attachment to do the following: use attachment chapter 4 pg 77 and chapter 5 pg 91 

Answer questions listed at the bottom here
Chapter 4: The Vilis Tokples Schools of Papua New Guinea
Chapter 5: “Hello Grandfather”: Lessons from Alaska

In Chapter 4, Delpit relates her experiences regarding the education
system in Papua New Guinea. The author centers her discussion
around the topic of the extreme diversity found in this country, which
is characterized by a geographically differentiated population with
over 700 indigenous languages spoken. However, since the
inhabitants were previously part of an Australian colony, English is
the official language of the country. Delpit explains that although the
people of Papua New Guinea have been vested in literacy acquisition
for quite some time, the task of achieving a literate population has
been difficult because teachers were required to teach in English.
According to Delpit, the biggest problems stemmed from “disruption
to social relations between young and old rural communities”.

In Chapter 5, Delpit discusses the unique nature of literacy
education in Alaska, which has been compared to the literacy
problems of blacks in inner city communities in the United States. The
author observes that she learned lessons about connectedness and
context while living in Alaska that helped her to “better understand
some points of classroom cultural conflict.” Delpit proposes that
educators realize that students of color bring different types of
understandings about the world than those whose home lives are
more similar to the worldview associated with Western schooling.

Answer these questions thoroughly

Chapter 4:
· What are were some policies initiated that helped to solve these
· What caused them to be successful?

 Chapter 5:
· What is your opinion of Delpit’s experience in Alaska? (Please provide
thoughtful and analytical details here 

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