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This Lesson is an 8th Grade English Language Art For

This Lesson is an 8th Grade English Language Art

For this assignment, you will write a written assignment introducing your lesson “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck to your students and you will also create a video of yourself introducing your lesson to your students. Basically, you will give them an overview of what they will be learning in your lesson. Your video can be recorded with a webcam, video camera, or even your smartphone. Once you have recorded your video file, upload it to YouTube. Click here for instructions about how to do this. After you have uploaded it to YouTube, open a Word document, and place the link to your file within the document. Underneath the link to the video file, please describe how you, as the teacher, could share your interactive video file with all of your students. Remember that each student has individual needs that you must take into account. Your video file should be at least three minutes in length, and your written assignment should be at least one page in length. Proper APA formatting is not required in this assignment.  

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