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To practice critical thinking skills, select two of the clas…

To practice critical thinking skills, select two of the classic paintings below, provide a personal response. Think about what you believe is the primary focal point that draws your attention the most. What is the subject matter? Do you enjoy the style of the painting? Since we cannot touch the painting, does it stimulate our senses in other ways, such as triggering memories of a special place or trip? Of providing a sense of calmness?

Claude Monet, “The Bridge at Argenteuil” (Links to an external site.)

Edgar Degas, “The Dance Lesson” (Links to an external site.)

Vincent van Gogh, “Farmhouse in Provence” (Links to an external site.)


  • Length and Content
  • Each post should be at least 150 words; you are encouraged to go into even more detail whenever possible
  • Consider integrating course materials, personal anecdotes, outside data/research, hypothetical examples, and/or relevant quotes into your initial post and response post if you are struggling to meet the word count

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