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Topic – Review Amazon.com You have to do a heuristic

Topic –  Review Amazon.com 

You have to do a heuristic evaluation of that Website or product. You are required to use Nielsen’s 10  heuristics for this assignment, 

available online at: http://www.useit.com/papers/heuristic/heuristic_list.html

To guide you in your complete analysis  of the usability analysis, you are required to identify at least one  scenario that reflects how a user is likely to use your Website or  product in real-life. Try and replicate the user experience as part of  the study heuristic evaluation.  

This can be very general — if you were  evaluating a hotel or airline website, for example, you might think  about someone trying to cash in all their frequent “traveler” points, or  someone trying to trade in their points as part of a transaction. Your  goal here is to develop a basic scenario that will guide your heuristic  evaluation. 

Using the scenario, you will then  systematically evaluate the interface – screen by screen on a  transactional basis of your chosen site or product, checking to see  which interface elements you encounter (if any) result in problematic  experiences. Once you experience challenging experiences, you will  document these areas and identify ways in which these areas can be  improved potentially in order to avoid violating any of Nielsen’s  heuristics. 

Note: You should work from your  scenario, and not work from the heuristics (i.e., don’t take each  heuristic one at a time, looking for heuristic violations on the site). 

Your paper should be 4-5 pages in  length. You must cite all sources using APA format. It is strongly  encouraged you integrate at least 2-3 screenshots of your user  experience to include the outputs of your study. When responding, make  sure to answer each of these questions: 

  • Identify the website or product i.e, Amazon.com (including a  screenshot), and briefly describe the reason you selected the section  of the Website evaluated. 
  • Describe the scenario you used to focus your evaluation, and  explain how you approached the site/product with respect to the  usability heuristics.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the usability flaws you found for  this site, along with a) the heuristics each flaw violates, and b) an  explanation of why this flaw violates those heuristics.
  • Discuss some possible design recommendations that could improve  the site, explaining how each recommended change would address the  usability flaws you identified above.

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