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Topic: The Supreme Court, Federalism, and Public Administrators assignment· Write a research paper of 10-11 pages ((not

Topic: The Supreme Court, Federalism, and Public Administrators assignment

· Write a research paper of 10-11 pages ((not including title page, reference page, and any appendices) on the following:

· Recent Supreme Court cases that affect federalism (Not voting issues, abortion cases…)

· Recent Supreme Court cases that
affect public administration (How have such decisions affected the role of public administrators in the U.S. Federalist system? What effect have these recent decisions affected federal, state, and local governments?)  

· Determine a biblical viewpoint with the methodology chosen.  Please use scripture to support the position.

Important notes about organizing the APA format: topic (all caps, bold, centered)

                                                       Introduction (bold, centered)

                               Recent Supreme Court Cases Affecting Federalism (bold, centered)

   Decisions and Role of Public Administrators in the U.S. Federalist System (bold, centered)

          Effect of Recent Findings on Federal, State, and Local Government (bold, centered)

                                                        Conclusion (bold, centered)

References (Flush Left)

Please do not just add a line or two about each issue, but first, describe the problem and then indicate the 
outcomes. Link your responses to the literature for the theories we studied last week. The same instruction applies to Scripture.  Do not just add one at the end of your paper, but integrate God’s Word within the actual decisions, events, and outcomes.

· Add a list of references using readings from previous weeks and textbooks and other readings per the case study instructions. 

only use peer-reviewed sources (no websites except the government website related to this assignment). 

ONLY USE APA 7TH EDITION GUIDE! Use APA 7th edition for all references and in-text cites. 
NO encyclopedias, NO magazines, NO non-peer-reviewed articles, or general websites, …  


The Supreme Court’s Role in Restoring Federalism with John Yoo, video link:

Agranoff, R. (2017). Crossing boundaries for intergovernmental management. 

King James Bible. (2017). King James Bible Online. 

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