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Usability Journal For the Usability Journal assignment, you …

Usability Journal

For the Usability Journal assignment, you are to write three (3) journal entries.

  • Each entry shall be approximately 300-400 https://brillianthomeworkassisters.com/learning-goal-im-working-on-a-education-teaching-discussion-question-and-nee-7/education-teaching/  words each.
  • Each entry shall focus on an object that contains a bad usability design.
  • Explain why the object being described does not maintain good usability practices.
  • The deliverable shall include citable examples of best practices from academic literature explaining why the product/object does not follow best practices.


  • A remote control.
    • What about the remote control makes the device both a good and bad example for the usability perspective?
    • Each deliverable will contain:
    • Three entries with 300-400 words for EACH entry
    • APA citation with examples from https://ultimatehomeworkhelpers.com/reflection-promptthe-fine-for-texting-and-driving-in-colorado-is-currently-300/english-homework-help/ scholars explaining best practices that should be followed
    • An example image of the bad design practice followed
    • An example of good potential practices to follow

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